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我是一名美国士兵I am a warrior and a member of a
team.我是一个战士,是团队的一员I serve the people of the United States,
and live the Army Values.我为美国人民服务并且按照军队价值观生活I will
always place the mission first.我将永远把任务放在第一位I will never
accept defeat.我将永远不接受失败I will never quit.我永不放弃I will never
leave a fallen comrade.我绝不抛弃倒下的同袍I am disciplined, physically
and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and
drills.我严守军纪,磨练身体和心智,精于我的战士任务和训练。I always
maintain my arms, my equipment and
myself.我会一直保养我的武器,装备,和自己I am an expert and I am a
professional.我是专家,职业士兵I stand ready to deploy, engage, and
destroy, the enemies of the United States of America in close
combat.我做好了部署,接触和在交战中摧毁美国之敌的准备。I am a guardian
of freedom and the American way of
life.我是自由的守护者,代表着美国的生活方式I am an American
Etho,无论翻译成兵士の道或者士兵美德什么的都无所谓:I will always place
the mission first.我将永远把任务放在第一位I will never accept
defeat.我将永远不接受失败I will never quit.我永不放弃I will never leave
a fallen comrade.我绝不抛弃倒下的同袍其中的I will never quit和I will
never leave a fallen


Like them, I intend to address some of the very serious threats before
us today, but also the enormous potential waiting to be unleashed. We
live in a time of extraordinary opportunity. Breakthroughs in science,
technology, and medicine are curing illnesses and solving problems that
prior generations thought impossible to solve. But each day also brings
news of growing dangers that threaten everything we cherish and value.
Terrorists and extremists have gathered strength and spread to every
region of the planet. Rogue regimes represented in this body not only
support terror but threaten other nations and their own people with the
most destructive weapons known to humanity.

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America does more than speak for the values expressed in the United
Nations charter. Our citizens have paid the ultimate price to defend our
freedom and the freedom of many nations represented in this great hall.
America’s devotion is measured on the battlefields where our young men
and women have fought and sacrificed alongside of our allies. From the
beaches of Europe to the deserts of the Middle East to the jungles of
Asia, it is an eternal credit to the American character that even after
we and our allies emerge victorious from the bloodiest war in history,
we did not seek territorial expansion or attempt to oppose and impose
our way of life on others. Instead, we helped build institutions such as
this one to defend the sovereignty, security, and prosperity for all.
For the diverse nations of the world, this is our hope.

I am an American Soldier.

I am an American Soldier.我是一名美国士兵I am a warrior and a member of
a team.我是一个战士,是团队的一员I serve the people of the United
States, and live the Army Values.我为美国人民服务并且按照军队价值观生活I
will always place the mission first.我将永远把任务放在第一位

This institution was founded in the aftermath of two world wars, to help
shape this better future. It was based on the vision that diverse
nations could cooperate to protect their sovereignty, preserve their
security, and promote their prosperity. It was in the same period
exactly 70 years ago that the United States developed the Marshall Plan
to help restore Europe. Those these beautiful pillars, they are pillars
of peace, sovereignty, security, and prosperity. The Marshall Plan was
built on the noble idea that the whole world is safer when nations are
strong, independent, and free. As president, Truman said in his message
to congress at that time, our support of European recovery is in full
accord with our support of the United Nations.

I am an American Soldier.我是一名美国士兵I am a warrior and a member of
a team.我是一个战士,是团队的一员I serve the people of the United
States, and live the Ar

真正的美国陆军士兵信条(soldiers creed)

Fortunately, the United States has done very well since Election Day
last November 8. The stock market is at an all-time high, a record.
Unemployment is at its lowest level in 16 years, and because of our
regulatory and other reforms, we have more people working in the United
States today than ever before. Companies are moving back, creating job
growth, the likes of which our country has not seen in a very long time,
and it has just been announced that we will be spending almost $700
billion on our military and defence. Our military will soon be the
strongest it has ever been. For more than 70 years, in times of war and
peace, the leaders of nations, movements, and religions have stood
before this assembly.

The United States is one out of 193 countries in the United Nations, and
yet we pay 22 percent of the entire budget and more. In fact, we pay far
more than anybody realises. The United States bears an unfair cost
burden, but to be fair, if it could actually accomplish all of its
stated goals, especially the goal of peace, this investment would easily
be well worth it. Major portions of the world are in conflict, and some,
in fact, are going to hell, but the powerful people in this room, under
the guidance and auspices of the United Nations, can solve many of these
vicious and complex problems. The American people hope that one day soon
the United Nations can be a much more accountable and effective advocate
for human dignity and freedom around the world.

This corrupt regime destroyed a prosperous nation — prosperous nation,
by imposing a failed ideology that has produced poverty and misery
everywhere it has been tried. To make matters worse, Maduro has defied
his own people, stealing power from their elected representatives, to
preserve his disastrous rule. The Venezuelan people are starving, and
their country is collapsing. Their democratic institutions are being
destroyed. The situation is completely unacceptable, and we cannot stand
by and watch.

In Syria and Iraq, we have made big gains toward lasting defeat of ISIS.
In fact, our country has achieved more against ISIS in the last eight
months than it has in many, many years combined. We seek the
deescalation of the Syrian conflict, and a political solution that
honors the will of the Syrian people. The actions of the criminal regime
of Bashar al-Assad, including the use of chemical weapons against his
own citizens, even innocent children, shock the conscience of every
decent person. No society could be safe if banned chemical weapons are
allowed to spread. That is why the United States carried out a missile
strike on the airbase that launched the attack.

Authority and authoritarian powers seek to collapse the values, the
systems, and alliances, that prevented conflict and tilted the word
toward freedom since World War II. International criminal networks
traffic drugs, weapons, people, force dislocation and mass migration,
threaten our borders and new forms of aggression exploit technology to
menace our citizens. To put it simply, we meet at a time of both immense
promise and great peril. It is entirely up to us whether we lift the
world to new heights or let it fall into a valley of disrepair. We have
it in our power, should we so choose, to lift millions from poverty, to
help our citizens realize their dreams, and to ensure that new
generations of children are raised free from violence, hatred, and fear.

Out of the goodness of our hearts, we offer financial assistance to
hosting countries in the region and we support recent agreements of the
G20 nations that will seek to host refugees as close to their home
countries as possible. This is the safe, responsible, and humanitarian
approach. For decades the United States has dealt with migration
challenges here in the Western Hemisphere.

We are fortunate to have incredibly strong and healthy trade
relationships with many of the Latin American countries gathered here
today. Our economic bond forms a critical foundation for advancing peace
and prosperity for all of our people and all of our neighbors. I ask
every country represented here today to be prepared to do more to
address this very real crisis. We call for the full restoration of
democracy and political freedoms in Venezuela. The problem in Venezuela
is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism
has been faithfully implemented.

We saw it in the assassination of the dictator’s brother, using banned
nerve agents in an international airport. We know it kidnapped a sweet
13-year-old Japanese girl from a beach in her own country, to enslave
her as a language tutor for North Korea’s spies. If this is not twisted
enough, now North Korea’s reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons and
ballistic missiles threatens the entire world with unthinkable loss of
human life. It is an outrage that some nations would not only trade with
such a regime, but would arm, supply, and financially support a country
that imperils the world with nuclear conflict.

In remembering the great victory that led to this body’s founding, we
must never forget that those heroes who fought against evil, also fought
for the nations that they love. Patriotism led the Poles to die to save
Poland, the French to fight for a free France, and the Brits to stand
strong for Britain. Today, if we do not invest ourselves, our hearts,
our minds, and our nations, if we will not build strong families, safe
communities, and healthy societies for ourselves, no one can do it for

In America, the people govern, the people rule, and the people are
sovereign. I was elected not to take power, but to give power to the
American people where it belongs. In foreign affairs, we are renewing
this founding principle of sovereignty. Our government’s first duty is
to its people, to our citizens, to serve their needs, to ensure their
safety, to preserve their rights, and to defend their values. As
president of the United States, I will always put America first. Just
like you, as the leaders of your countries, will always and should
always put your countries first.

As a responsible neighbor and friend, we and all others have a goal —
that goal is to help them regain their freedom, recover their country,
and restore their democracy. I would like to thank leaders in this room
for condemning the regime and providing vital support to the Venezuelan
people. The United States has taken important steps to hold the regime
accountable. We are prepared to take further action if the government of
Venezuela persists on its path to impose authoritarian rule on the
Venezuelan people.

The United States and our allies are working together throughout the
Middle East to crush the loser terrorists and stop the reemergence of
safe havens they use to launch attacks on all of our people. Last month
I announced a new strategy for victory in the fight against this evil in
Afghanistan. From now on, our security interests will dictate the length
and scope of military operation, not arbitrary benchmarks and timetables
set up by politicians. I have also totally changed the rules of
engagement in our fight against the Taliban and other terrorist groups.


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