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What happened on Sunday?

A U.S. counter-terrorism airstrike earlier this month in Afghanistan
killed an al-Qaeda leader responsible for a deadly hotel attack in
Islamabad in 2008 and a 2009 attack on a bus carrying the Sri Lankan
cricket team.

Other Jpel targets were traced and then bombed from the air. One,
codenamed Newcastle, was located with four other men on 26 November

  1. The house they were in was then hit with 500lb bombs. “No
    identifiable features recovered,” the log records.


国防司长吉米·马蒂斯正在查验“为了发展征途”的安顿。 他和国度安全顾问H.奥迪Q7.

The same channel, Reuters news agency reports, showed angry crowds
shouting “Death to the government!” and, before the IS claim of
responsibility, “Death to the Taliban!”

“And we will use those investigations to modify our tactics, techniques
and procedures so that we continue to take all feasible measures to
protect innocent civilians.”


The military in Mali says at least 14 soldiers have been killed in an
attack in the northof the country. Nearly 20 others were injured. The
suspected Islamic militants overran a military base in Soumpi 100
kilometers southwest of Timbuktu. Islamic attacks have increased in
recent months. Earlier this week, 26 civilians were killed when their
vehicle hit a land mine【地雷】 in central Mali. World news from the

Just to maintain the current deadlock, General Nicholson has asked for
“a few thousand” more troops, some of whom he would expect to come from
other members of NATO. A further loosening of the rules of engagement
and an increase in the air-power available to him would also help. John
McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services  Committee, told
General Nicholson that instead of playing “not to lose”, America needed
a strategy to defeat the Taliban.

Dashte Barchi is heavily populated by members of Afghanistan Shia Muslim
minority, who have been targeted by IS for their religion in the past.

In the meantime, Mosul still the scene of much bloodshed today. At least
two people were killed and many others injured after three projectiles
hit a busy market in east Mosul on Sunday afternoon.

However, the incident immediately rebounded into the fragile links
which other elements of the coalition had been trying to build with
local communities. An internal report shows that the next day
Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Phillips, commander of the Provincial
Reconstruction Team, took senior officers to meet the provincial
governor, Gul Agha Sherzai, who accepted that this was “an unfortunate
incident that occurred among friends”. They agreed to pay compensation
to the bereaved families, and Phillips “reiterated our support to
prevent these types of events from occurring again”.

2【|ˈvi:əmənt| ① (ADJ-GRADED) 激情的;激烈的;暴烈的 If a person or their actions or comments are vehement, the person has very strong feelings or opinions and expresses them forcefully.】
@a vehement denial/attack/protest, etc. 强烈的否认、攻击、抗议等

An international force of 12,600 remains in Afghanistan, of whom 8,400
are Americans. About 2,500 are special forces who carry out raids
against terrorist targets, such as al-Qaeda and the local branch of
Islamic State, but not the Taliban. The rest are there to “train, advise
and assist” the Afghan security forces, including the police. Under
rules of engagement first laid down by Mr Obama and only slightly
relaxed last summer, the NATO troops could only come to the aid of their
Afghan allies when they were facing a defeat that might have “strategic”
implications—a criterion that commanders in the field had difficulty

Recent major attacks in Afghanistan

Isaac did not say if the shooters were among those wounded, adding there
are “a lot of interviews still to be done, a lot of evidence to



Barack Obama had tired of Afghanistan. What will his successor do?

Voter registration began this month for legislative elections which are
due to take place in October.

The Iraqi military is casting doubt on reports that the U.S.-led
coalition airstrikes killed as many as 100 civilians in the contested
city of Mosul, citing new evidence it says shows Islamic State militants
rigged the site with explosives.

Numerous logs show Jpel targets being captured and transferred to a
special prison, known as Btif, the Bagram Theatre Internment Facility.
There is no indication of prisoners being charged or tried, and
previous press reports have suggested that men have been detained
there for years without any legal process in communal cages inside
vast old air hangars. As each target is captured, he is assigned a
serial number. By December 2009, this showed that a total of 4,288
prisoners, some aged as young as 16, had been held at Btif, with 757
still in custody.



The dead include 21 women and five children, killed when the blast hit
the queue outside. A further 119 people were injured.

East Mosul was declared liberated by the Iraqi government earlier this
year, but the battle for control over the western part is still raging.


The multibillionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is the latest
high-profile figure to be released in Saudi Arabia after a major
anti-corruption drive was launched in November. He is reported to have
been freed this morning from detention in a luxury hotel in Riyadh. With
more details, here is our Middle East analyst Sebastian Usher. In hot
cash terms【流资上看】
, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal has been the
biggest catch of all in the Saudi purge with an extraodinary array of
business interests across the world. He is estimated to be worth some 17
billion dollars. He denied any charge has been made against him and
expressed his total support forthe efforts by Crown Prince Mohammed bin
Salman towards a new Saudi Arabia. He 【2】vehemently dismissed a
report, but he had been asked to hand over six billion dollars as the
price ofhis release as well as rumors that he been tortured.


■  27 January: Taliban militants drive an ambulance laden with
explosives into a Kabul secure zone, killing at least 100

This is VOA news.



Another wounded man, who wept as he spoke from his hospital bed, told
local channel Ariana TV, “I don’t know where my daughters are. God damn
the attackers!” 

Bahraini officials say those arrested on Sunday were responsible for the
February 26 bus bombing in Bahrain that wounded five policemen.

The report records that some 70 people ran to the compound and started
digging into the rubble, on which there were “pools of blood”, but
subsequent reports suggest that Baryal survived and continued to plan
rocket attacks and suicide bombings.

Hello, I’m Mary Marshall with the BBC News. The number of people killed
in the Taliban bomb attack in the Afghan capital Kabul has risen to 95.
A further 158 others were injured. The Red Cross in Afghanistan has
condemned the use of an ambulance to carry out an attack,saying it could
be illegal under International Humanitarian Law. Our South Asia editor
Joemy Giverin reports. The ambulance packed with explosives blew up
close to a fortified area of the city near a hospital, but also offices
used by the government, security forces and foreign missions. The street
was crowded and most of the dead were local civilians. It’s the Taliban
second major attack in Kabul in a week. The current 【1】surgent
violence comes as the US increases its support for Afghan forces,
including more air strikes on militant targets and made government
claims that it’s finally winning the war against the Taliban and other
militant groups.

The consequences have been dire. In testimony to the Senate Armed
Services Committee in February, the American commander in Afghanistan,
General John Nicholson, warned that current American troop levels are
inadequate to prevent the Taliban from continuing to retake territory,
especially in Helmand province, the heartland of the insurgency, and
Kunduz. SIGAR (the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan
Reconstruction, a post created by Congress) reckons that the proportion
of the country under uncontested government control fell during the 12
months to November 2016 from 72% to 57%, although about 64% of Afghans
still live in uncontested areas and only 8% in areas fully under the
Taliban’s control (see map).

Minister: Afghan attacks want to spark uprising

A Pentagon statement on Saturday said an “initial review” showed
coalition strikes on March 17 “at the location corresponding to the
allegations of civilian casualties” in western Mosul’s Old City. The
statement said an investigation is underway.

Mobility Artillery 罗克et

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What will Mr Trump do? In keeping with his mantra of “America first”, he
might conclude that Afghanistan is a hopeless case, with its divided,
dysfunctional government and a thriving insurgency that still draws
support from Pakistan, a supposed American ally. He could leave the
bickering regional powers—Pakistan, India, Iran, China and Russia—to
sort it out.

■  20 January: Taliban gunmen kill at least 22 people at a major Kabul




  • 这么的科班战场指挥官很难解释清楚。

Why are voters being targeted?

The Pentagon statement also said coalition planes routinely strike ISIS
targets in the neighborhood and coalition forces take all reasonable
precautions during the planning and execution of airstrikes to reduce
the risk of harm to civilians.

The process of choosing targets reaches high into the military
command. According to their published US Field Manual on Counter
Insurgency, No FM3-24, it is policy to choose targets “to engage as
potential counter-insurgency supporters, targets to isolate from the
population and targets to eliminate”.



■  23 March: A car bomb in Helmand province kills at least 13 spectators
at a wrestling match

The U.S. Defense Department is confirming the death of Qari Yasin.

The internal report was marked not only “secret” but also “Noforn”, ie
not to be shared with the foreign elements of the coalition. And the
source of this anxiety is explicit: “The knowledge that TF 373
conducted a HIMARS strike must be protected.” And it was. This crucial
fact remained secret, as did TF 373’s involvement.


The legislative elections later this year will be followed by a
presidential poll in 2019.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan rebuked Switzerland on Sunday over a
protest in Bern during which images from the demonstration showed a
poster depicting (the ) Turkish leader with a pistol pointing at his

US soldiers pursue militants in Helmand province. The shadowy Task Force
373 meanwhile focuses its efforts on more than 2,000 senior Taliban
figures on a target

It maybe America’s longest war, but during his election campaign Donald
Trump barely mentioned Afghanistan. When he did, it was somewhat
baffling: at one point, he said that America could not pull all its
troops out because neighbouring Pakistan had nuclear weapons. As the
insurgents of the Taliban prepare for a spring offensive against the
American-backed government, there is still no indication of what the new
administration’s approach will be.

There have already been at least four attacks on such centres since
voter registration got under way a week ago.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry did summon the Swiss ambassador over the
protest it said was organized by supporters of terrorist groups.



“I found myself covered in blood, with dead people – women and children

One person was killed and 15 other people were wounded in a shooting at
a crowded nightclub early Sunday in morning Cincinnati in the U.S.
Midwestern state of Ohio.


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